Evaluating relaxing effect of fragrance


You can visually measure stress and relaxation. It is more objective and 

reproducible, compared to typical medical interview-based self-assessment. Combining the relaxation assessment and skin measurement, 

we can evaluate the improvement effect of the skin's condition due to mental stress. 


Test items

Measurement of cerebral blood flow (Central nervous system)


Before and after evaluation, blood flow in some brain regions is measured using near-infrared light. It is said that when relaxed, the blood flow in the front right section decreases.

Measurement of miotic pupil rate  (Autonomic nerve system)

We measure the pupil size contraction(miotic pupil rate) before and after evaluation. When relaxed, miotic pupil rate increases.

Measurement of peripheral blood flow (Autonomic nerve system)

We monitor and quantify changes in blood flow at the fingertip before and after evaluation. When relaxed, blood flow at the fingertip increases.