efficacy screening

(DNA microarray)



Do you want to find more about benefits and effects of materials / ingredients?


We propose a comprehensive screening assessment of the skin benefits by using DNA microarray. 

Screening with DNA microarrays may help in finding target genes. This test is also recommended for the functional development of "up-cycle materials"


Typically, DNA microarrays allow a thorough investigation of the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously,but looking at the data is difficult. Nikoderm Research specializes in approximately 180 skin-related genes. The DINA microarray was used to thoroughly analyze the expression of a number of genes related to skin function simultaneously using a functional gene set.


* Results from DNA microarray may not reflect all functionalities  of test sample*

Test flow

Next step to the DNA microarray

After the microarray has narrowed down the potential efficacy, more detailed and practical evaluation studies (e.g., in vitro / ex vivo / human test ) should be performed. These time-consuming and costly tests can be done more efficiently!