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Efficacy test by Asian skin

Recently, in addition to determination of the efficacy and cellular mechanism of the active ingredients of cosmetics and quasi-drugs, their evaluations in humans are required. At NDR, the expression of DNA and different types of proteins and the activities of many kinds of enzymes can be measured using various types of single-layer culture cell lines, reconstructed human skin models, or a combination of both. In addition, we can perform various tests such as image analysis by using tissue staining, which allows for collection of visual data. Using these tests, we can evaluate the products for different applications such as skin whitening, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory effects, or hair growth. Further, we are actively working towards development of a number of in vitro model systems. These include a model of aging fibroblasts, a system for the evaluation of epidermal and dermal cross-talk based on the co-culture of fibroblasts and reconstructed human skin models, and a model of dry skin based on a reconstructed human epidermal model, which has been dried. Furthermore, development of novel evaluation systems is simultaneously being performed at NDR.