Clinical test (in vivo)

Conducting final evaluations on humans for the assessment of product safety and efficacy is essential in the development of cosmetics and quasi-drugs. Different types of evaluations can be performed at the NDR headquarters and in the laboratories collaborating with NDR.


Efficacy of the product can be determined by performing various tests of efficacy in humans, ranging from moisturizing tests and rough and dry skin tests with a short testing period to anti-wrinkle tests and hair growth tests with a long testing period. We can perform different evaluations such as numerical measurements using devices or analyses of the status of the skin surface by using replicas collected from the skin surface and stratum corneum collected through tape stripping. In addition, we can perform anti-inflammatory tests and whitening (Skin lightening) tests using artificially induced skin pigmentation through irradiation of ultraviolet (UV) light.



Further, we can perform safety tests such as human patch tests, skin sensitization, stinging and comedogenicity. In addition, we can measure the levels of sun protection factor (SPF) and protection against UVA rays (PA) in sunscreen products.